Julia Packages exclusively for Neuroscience

Package Description Stable Build?
NeuralynxNCS.jl This is a Julia module for reading Neuralynx NCS files  
PLX.jl PLX.jl reads Plexon PLX files in Julia. It is several times faster than the MATLAB SDK provided by Plexon Inc.  
SkullSegment.jl Macaque brain and skull extraction tools WIP
SpikeGLM.jl WIP code for fitting point process GLMs WIP
Synchrony.jl Analysis of synchronous signals Build Status
SpikeSorting.jl Online spike sorting methods in Julia  
Intan.jl Julia API for Intan RHD2000  
Spikes.jl Data analysis for electrophysiology in Julia  
JNeuron Simple single neuron simulations in Julia  
LFPj Local Field Potential forward modeling in Julia  
GeneralizedCPD.jl Generalized Canonical Polyadic (CP) Tensor Decomposition  
EEG.jl Process EEG files in Julia. Build Status
Electrophysiology.jl Build Status
OpenEphysLoader.jl A set of tools to load data written by the OpenEphys GUI Build Status
NeuroAnalysis.jl Julia package for neural signal analysis WIP
NEAT.jl Julia implemention of NEAT (NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies) algorithm WIP
BrainWave.jl BrainWave is a module containing functions to process electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings with the Julia programming language. Failing
DCEMRI.jl DCE MRI analysis in Julia Failing
EMIRT.jl Electronic Microscopy Image Reconstruction Toolbox using julia language Build Status
ReconstructionEvaluations.jl Assess reconstruction quality (e.g. no. of broken spines, axon splits, NRI, etc)  
Simplicial This is a package for various computations with simplicial complexes and combinatorial codes WIP